Excellent Thread Pipe /Galvanized Pipe with NPT Thread and BSP Thread Coupling Acc to ASTM A53/ BS1387 Standard

Product Details

Thread pipe ASTM A53 / BS 1387 with NPT thread / BSP thread pipe coupling and galvanizing coating 30~100 micro thick

To meet our clients and market demand ,we developed pipe hot dip galvanizing and pipe treading,as one of our extended products basis on Huike seamless pipe factory,our excellent NTP&BSP thread pipes have gained very good reputation from all over the world, especially for the galvanizing coating, we can do 100micro thickness by blowing way , size from 1/4'' up to 8'',this highly cater to some government projects which required high quality and long useful life .

Quick details of hot dip galvanizing thread pipe

Thread pipe standard : ASTM A53/BS 1387

Available seamless pipe size range we can produce:

Outside diameter - 1/4 inch to 10 inch,DN8 to DN250,13.7mm to 273.1mm
Wall thickness - Schedule 10 to schedule 160,Light/Medium/Heavy Class

Galvanizing pipe production technology:
galvanizing process.jpg

Packing and processing:
Thread pipe end - Both end with threading as NPT/BSP standard, one end with coupling, the other end with plastic pipe to protecting the pipe threading.

Thread pipe body - Hot dip galvanized coating, zinc thickness as client requirement

Thread pipe package - 8 sets galvanized steel strip packing to regular hexagon bundles,2 lifting belt in the bundle's two ends,PVC covered if needed,each bundle weight less than 2 tons.

Thread pipe marking - Excellent marking on each pipe body as client requirements

Thread pipe display.jpg