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What Is The Characteristic Of Galvanized Pipe?

Sep 18, 2017

What is the characteristic of Galvanized Pipe?
(1) Galvanized Pipe, pure zinc layer has a dense thick cover on the surface of steel, it can avoid any corrosion solution contact with steel matrix, to protect the corrosion of steel matrix. In the general atmosphere, in the thin layer of dense zinc oxide layer to form a zinc layer, it is difficult to dissolve in water, so the role of steel matrix protection. If other components of zinc oxide and the atmosphere to form insoluble zinc salt, and then anti-corrosion effect is more desirable.
(2) Galvanized Pipe, with iron-zinc alloy layer, dense, at sea salt mist atmosphere and industrial resistance to atmospheric corrosion characteristics;
(3) due to the combination of Galvanized Pipe firmly, zinc - iron miscibility, abrasion resistance;
(4) Since the Galvanized Pipe has good ductility, it is firmly adhered to the alloy layer and the steel on the substrate, so that the hot plating can be cold stamping, rolling, stretching, bending and other molding without damaging the coating;
(5) Galvanized Pipe, hot galvanized, equivalent to the annealing treatment, can effectively improve the mechanical properties of steel matrix to eliminate the steel forming and welding stress, is conducive to the rotation of steel structure.
(6) Hot-dip galvanized surface bright and beautiful in Galvanized Pipe.
(7) Galvanized Pipe, pure zinc layer is hot and galvanized galvanized layer of plasticity rich, pure zinc, basically close to the ductility of nature, so it is flexible.
For Galvanized Pipe processing, galvanized sheet manufacturers need to enter a lot of process, whether before or during processing, or after processing, there are many plans, many people may know the processing, so here to share the Galvanized Pipe dry Before processing.
1, the first hot Galvanized Pipe should be hot before the hot air drying, hot air through the dry outdoor flow, in order to eliminate the surface plating agent plating water.
2, hot air drying pits must control 100 ℃ ~ 150 ° between the workpiece, baking dry pit, usually 2 to 5 minutes, for the complex structure of the members should be based on the degree of baking to determine the workpiece surface drying time.
3, dry activity cover must also start without barriers, hot galvanized sheet should be fully dry, hanging dry pit should be immediately, in order to avoid the workpiece in the air for a long time to place the plating agent back tide.
The process of treating the hot Galvanized Pipe during the drying process is very important and may affect the production quality of the Galvanized Pipe and the Galvanized Pipe price
Galvanized Pipe for the blank hot-rolled or cold-rolled galvanized steel or galvanized sheet in the cold bending process of the latter part of the steel pipe welded hollow square square shape and high frequency size; or cold hollow tube galvanized Galvanized Pipe prior to. Galvanized square tube from the production process is divided into hot Galvanized Pipe, cold Galvanized Pipe. This is because the two different Galvanized Pipes also cause a lot of different physical and chemical properties. Generally in its strength, toughness and mechanical properties. There are many differences. Hot Galvanized Pipe: is made of steel or steel strip welded square tube after forming the coil and placed in the square on the basis of the square tube in the hot galvanized tank through the formation of a series of chemical reactions in a square. Hot Galvanized Pipe production process is simple, and the production efficiency is very high, and more varieties and specifications, equipment and funding of RHS demand is very small, suitable for small Galvanized Pipe plant production. But the strength of the steel is much lower than the strength of the seamless tube. Mainly used for drying and oxidation reduction method, the characteristics of the table. The surface of the galvanized zinc layer is very smooth, dense, uniform microstructure; has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of zinc consumption; hot galvanizing low 60% to 75%. Electroplating zinc has some technical complexity, however, single-sided coating, surface coating and double-sided coating thickness is different, and thin-walled tube should be galvanized. Galvanized Pipe protective effect, strong corrosion resistance. The whole structure is formed by zinc, a quaternary crystal is dense, and a crystal of a barrier layer is formed on the plate, thereby effectively preventing the penetration of the etching factor. From the barrier to protect the function of strong zinc corrosion properties, when the zinc sacrificial anode protection of the forefront, scratches and bruises part of the coating, the formation of zinc oxide insoluble, play a protective barrier function