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What Is Line Pipe

Feb 23, 2017

Line pipe with pipes,pipe couplings and valves coupled to the means for transporting gas,liquid or solid particles in a fluid with.Typically,the fluid after blowers,compressors,pumps and boilers,pressurized flow of low pressure from the high pressure in the line pipe,can also use the fluid pressure or gravity feed itself.Use very extensive,mainly used in water supply,drainage,heating,gas supply,long-distance transportation of oil and gas,agriculture irrigation,hydrauli engineering and various industrial devices.

When the flow of fluid is known,the size of the diameter depends on the permissible flow rate or allow the frictional resistance(pressure drop).Large diameter flow rate is small,but the pressure drop value increase,Thus,the flow rate can save large line infrastructure investment,but energy costs to run pumps and compressors and other power equipment increases.In addition,if the flow rate is too large,there may bring some other unfavorable factors.

herefore,the diameter should be considered decisions based on construction investment,operating costs and other technical factors.

Pipes,pipe couplings,coupling method took out valves and equipment on between pressure and temperature as well as material,size and installation site factors such as the tube is determined by the nature of the fluid,mainly threaded connection,flange connection,socket four ways to join and welding.

The city’s water supply,drainage,heating,line pipe for gas and long-distance oil and gas pipelines are mostly laid in the ground,and the plant process piping For ease of operation and maintenance,more lay on the ground,Passage pipe support,slope and drainage discharge,compensation,insulation and heating,corrosion and cleaning,and painting and other security identification,both for laying or underground laying on the ground are important issues.

Line pipe on the ground should be avoided and road,rail and waterway cross.When not avoid crossing the intersection across the height should allow the safe passage of pedestrians and travel.Underground pipes laid along the roads in general,to maintain proper distance between the various channels for the installation and maintenance,surface heating pipe has insulation,laid in the trench or protection tube,should avoid being crushed and the soil so that the tube can be expanded Mobile.