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The Unspoken Rules Of Line Pipe Of Wire And Tube Industry

Jun 13, 2017

The unspoken rules of Line Pipe of wire and tube industry
 What is the advantage of small and medium-sized tube factory? How does it face all the risks? With these questions, the reporter recently went to China's first iron and steel province of Hebei, investigate the existence of small and medium-sized private line of the status quo, to solve the above questions.

In the Line Pipe hit a new high at the same time, Tianjin seamless steel pipe industry was again foreign anti-infringement sanctions. Recently, Malaysia and Thailand, respectively, some of China's wire products to make anti-dumping final ruling and adjust the anti-dumping tax rate. Data show that China's Line Pipe line in Thailand in March to 3.369 million tons, an increase of 33.79%; 2014 Line Pipes to Malaysia 2.47 million tons, an increase of 41.732%.
        Over the past few years, the small and medium-sized tube factory has been "crowded" the object, such as enjoy the long association mine concessions, the highest market speculation, many small and medium-sized tube factory had to be higher than the large tube factory The price of procurement of iron ore; In addition, backward production capacity and pollution problems, has also been criticized.
It is understood that the current effective line of pipe trade "double reverse" measures, a total of 333 global. Among them, 84 for our country, accounting for 25.2% of the world's largest. Only since 2014, the United States, ASEAN, Russia and other countries have launched on China's "double reverse" cases nearly 30 cases.
        In the first half of the year, the small and medium-sized tube factory became the most profitable steel company in the country, while the main line of the main tube factory has lost billions of dollars, which just returned from the Hebei Science and Technology Association Deputy Secretary-General Chi Jingdong surprised.
         Compared with boron-containing steel, chrome-plated tube costs are indeed several times higher, but at least you can continue to obtain Line Pipe tax rebates, reduce sales pressure.
Increasing trade barriers, but the Line Pipe of wire tube factory enthusiasm diminished. Despite the recent abolition of a number of Line Pipe tax rebates, China's wire pipe Line Pipes this year to maintain the maintenance of 80 million -9 million tons, because the domestic seamless steel pipe overcapacity, demand decline.
Also said that change the process, the production of chromium alloy line tube does exist. Alloy steel on the elemental boron requirements are very low, only 0.0008% and above, but for the addition of chromium and aluminum requirements are 0.3%, so the cost is inevitable.

After the financial crisis, China's wire products encountered anti-dumping investigations have been normal, but this barrier can not hinder the enthusiasm of the Line Pipe or heat, "the domestic economy into the new normal, lack of domestic demand, to expand sales share, enterprises will actively Line Pipe. Plus, the price of ore fell, China's wire tube factory offer in the international market is still very competitive.

Boron tube Line Pipe tax rebate policy after the abolition of the industry generally predicted that the Line Pipe volume will shrink. However, recently, there are policies under the countermeasure, boron steel Line Pipe tax rebate canceled, many wire tube plant to add new elements to continue to receive tax rebates.