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The Factors Affecting The Performance Of Galvanized Pipe Were Analyzed

Jul 14, 2017

The factors affecting the performance of Galvanized Pipe were analyzed

Galvanized Pipe up relatively late in our country, but development soon, the domestic Galvanized Pipe manufacturers are also growing, so we know what factors affecting the performance of the Galvanized Pipe, and should pay attention to what aspects when production, this paper detailed introduction for you.

First of all, we know that the strength of the galvanized steel pipe is affected by the carbon element, because carbon steel will affect the plasticity and toughness, if carbon content is too low, it didn't have enough strength, if too high, the strength of the steel can be up to standard, but at the same time of enhancing strength can also affect the steel toughness plasticity, so, we should grasp the content of carbon in production;

Followed by the content of sulfur and phosphorus, in the case of other elements content standards, the amount of phosphorus can make steel tube happens very brittle at low temperatures, sulfur and phosphorus want to die, is a harmful impurity in steel, the only difference is that sulfur can make steel at high temperature embrittlement occurs, want to adjust the content of sulfur and phosphorus in steel, can be appropriate to join manganese;

Finally, silicon and tungsten, silicon can effectively improve the hardness of steel, but too much content can affect the plasticity and toughness. Tungsten and steel are similar, which can improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel.

In summer will come, the price of Galvanized Pipe also ushered in the spring, summer, autumn and winter to myself, recently, the price of Galvanized Pipe began to appear different degree of volatility, so what are the main factors influencing the price of Galvanized Pipe, this paper detailed introduction for you.

1. The product production cost top, with prices rising, all kinds of material price also increase, and in order to make the Galvanized Pipe to achieve the best effect, must be constantly updated production technology, this will directly cause the cost increase, and manufacturers to keep efficiency, adjust the price of Galvanized Pipe is an effective way;

2. The market supply and demand change, Galvanized Pipe in different seasons of supply and demand is different, when supply exceeds demand, the price of Galvanized Pipe is reduced, when the relationship between the opposite will increase, so we can also through the product price to summary judgment of market supply and demand relations;

3. Export volume is also an important factor in the price of Galvanized Pipe. When the relationship is tense or slack, the price will fluctuate.

Now, still more extensive applications of hot dip Galvanized Pipe, this kind of product after produced if there is no arrangement to be used, it will directly into the storage stage, so at the time of storage of Galvanized Pipe, what items need to be aware of? Now follow our galvanizing tube manufacturer to learn together!

1, Galvanized Pipe is a kind of high practical material, so we when to store it must ensure that its integrity, if we choose the environment there are some hard material and then to immediately clean up on them, in order to make sure the hardest substance Galvanized Pipe will not cause friction and knock against.

2, ventilated, dry place for the storage of Galvanized Pipe is very good, instead of the wet place for the storage of Galvanized Pipe is bad, because the Galvanized Pipe in such an environment is easy to rust.

3. If we have some impurities in our environment, we should clean up the impurities in time.