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The Current Galvanized Pipe Market Panic Mentality Thicker

Oct 10, 2017

This week the market price within a narrow range, the overall still slightly loose, it is understood that after the National Day Galvanized Pipe market will have a lot of resources arrived, the inventory will be significantly increased, businesses expressed concern about this, so the recent operation of the cautious, And the period of change is mostly with the negative, with the rise is not active, shipping will be strong, but the transaction is still unsatisfactory, consider tomorrow near the holiday, the Galvanized Pipe prices may be expected to change smaller.
Overall, the value of the end of the third quarter, Galvanized Pipe market, tight side of the funds, mostly to return the main funds, the operation is also accompanied by the market, and is about to usher in the National Day holiday, the market has been prepared in advance to edit the content summary to meet part of the demand release , It is understood that in October - December domestic Galvanized Pipe production or showing a gradual decline in the trend, and the decline or more than in previous years, the price may be so support, so the author is expected next month Galvanized Pipe market, a narrow range of shocks Probability is higher.
The current Galvanized Pipe market panic mentality, the last week before the National Day, businesses are more willing to smooth the majority of operations, of course, shipments are still preferred. The cost of capital is also on the one hand, part of the terminal for the current Galvanized Pipe purchase price or accept, cover operation to give part of the market support, but the overall demand is not obvious.
When using Galvanized Pipe, it is necessary to use welding to connect. In order to ensure good sealing, need to have some problems to pay attention.
When the Galvanized Pipe is used to weld the Galvanized Pipe, the groove weld will be easily cracked. This situation can be avoided, the groove will be welded to the weld angle can effectively reduce the reduction of resistance. In addition, you can adjust the pipe, try to ensure that the roller and keep it level. Adjust the speed of the groove is the strength to ensure that its molding uniform, slow force. But also to ensure that the support and pressure roller width and model are matched with each other, will not break due to bite. In the case of
In addition, if the Galvanized Pipe docking after the nozzle butt is not tight, it may be due to the nozzle is caused by deformation caused by bump. It is recommended that the pipe head be cut off for a short time before docking. Due to improper operation at the time of welding or due to the mouth of the left part of the zinc can cause the trachoma, which can be welded before the zinc tumor shovel to avoid grinding. The problem with the wire connection is that the ferrule and the thread are not fully fit, which must be cut off the part that can not be re-connected.
Now the Galvanized Pipe is not only widely used is a lot of different models, in fact, we call the Galvanized Pipe is through a number of specific processes after the steel pipe treatment, and then make the steel pipe can play a better role in anti-corrosion.
We can see in a lot of old houses are a lot of heating is the application of Galvanized Pipe, but with the long time, and now rarely began to have a Galvanized Pipe, and more of the gas and other pipelines Use, Galvanized Pipe is not only easy to repair, more resistant to impact, easy to damage, and the best Galvanized Pipe to prevent the interference between the strong and weak, and very safe, because the Galvanized Pipe to ground, then leakage Are protected.
In fact, there are certain technical requirements for the Galvanized Pipe, not only to comply with the relevant provisions of the state, and different performance to meet different national standards, but also to manufacturers to choose, so as to ensure that we use Galvanized Pipes are qualified products.
In general, the Galvanized Pipe material should be regularly maintained in order to ensure that it has good performance, extend the service life. The purpose of the maintenance of the material is to rust, to rust the steps, first of all, should choose to use a special solution, cleaning the surface of the pipe, the pipe surface to remove the magazine. At the same time, you can also use some wire brush to rust. Finally, the above methods can not be resolved, you can choose pickling to rust. Eventually achieve the ultimate effect of rust.