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The Chemical Composition Of Steel Pipe Inspection

Oct 26, 2016

The chemical composition of steel is a basic condition for ensuring performance of steel pipe, in the accuracy of chemical analysis in the lead is necessary for smelting stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, mainly chemical elements including the analysis of c, Si, Mn, p, s, and Cr, Mo, Ni, and Cu, Al, w, v, Ti, As, Sn, b, Nb and other ingredients.

(1) chemical analysis: physical methods of chemical analysis.

(2) instrumental analysis: based on the physical and physicochemical properties of the substance analysis method.

(3) error: the process of analyzing the results with the difference between the true value. Classified according to the nature of error of random error and systematic error and negligence.

(4) the random error: also known as accidental errors. Is due to the determination of a range of related factors in the process of tiny random fluctuations and the formation of mutually offsetting errors, which determines the precision of the measurement results.

(5) system error: refers to a certain test conditions by a certain factors according to the laws of a certain work or form errors, will be repeated on each determination, determination of results is often higher or lower, it determines the accuracy of results. The main sources of error, instrument error errors, operation errors, and reagents.

(6) gross error: refers to an obvious error that is inconsistent with the facts, not some rule. Regardless of how the specific reasons which caused gross errors, in the course of analysis and testing, as long as the sure errors, containing gross errors of the measured value must be considered as outliers, down from the determination of a set of data.

(7) the chemical analysis allows differential: in the actual analysis work, according to the standard or competent authority according to the requirements of the production and development of science and technology, taking into account the analysis of the reach of technology level, drawn up within the content of an element which allows the error value.