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Some Methods Of Identifying Fake And Shoddy Seamless Pipe

Sep 07, 2017

Some Methods of Identifying Fake and Shoddy Seamless Pipe
    1. Fake Seamless Pipe prone to folding. Folding is the steel surface of the formation of a variety of polylines, this defect often runs through the entire product longitudinal. The reason for the folding is due to the pursuit of high efficiency of the manufacturers, the amount of pressure is too large, resulting in ear, the next rolling to produce folding, folding products will crack after bending, steel strength decreased.
2. The appearance of counterfeit Seamless Pipe is often pimple. Ma surface is due to the serious wear and tear caused by irregular steel surface uneven rugged defects. As the fake steel manufacturers to pursue profits, often rolling rolling the most standard. In the case of
3. The surface of the fake Seamless Pipe is prone to scarring. There are two reasons: 1. Fake steel material is not uniform, more impurities. 2. Pseudo-poor material manufacturers guide the equipment is simple, easy to stick steel, these impurities are easy to produce a scar after biting roll.
4. The surface of the fake Seamless Pipe is prone to crack, because its blank is adobe, adobe pores and more adobe in the cooling process due to the role of thermal stress, resulting in cracks, after rolling there are cracks. In the case of
5. Shoddy Seamless Pipe easy to scratch, because the pseudo-poor equipment manufacturers simple, easy to produce burrs, scratch steel surface. Deep scratch to reduce the strength of steel. In the case of
6. Fake Seamless Pipe without metallic luster, pale or similar to the color of pig iron, for two reasons, its blank is adobe. 2, pseudo-poor material rolling temperature is not standard, their steel temperature is through the visual, so that can not be required according to the provisions of the austenite rolling, steel properties naturally can not meet the standard. In the case of
7. Fake Seamless Pipe of the tendons fine and low, often appear full of dissatisfaction with the phenomenon, because the manufacturers to achieve a large negative tolerance, finished a few Road before the amount of pressure is too large, iron type is small, well filled dissatisfaction. In the case of
8. The cross section of the shoddy Seamless Pipe is oval, because the manufacturer in order to save the material, the first roll of the product before the pressure is too large, the strength of this rebar greatly reduced, and does not meet the size of rebar The In the case of
9. High-quality Seamless Pipe composition evenly, cold-cut machine tonnage high, cut the end of the surface smooth and tidy, and pseudo-poor material due to poor quality, cut the end of the face often have the phenomenon of meat, that is uneven, and no metallic luster. And because the false product manufacturers cut off the small head, head and tail will appear big ears. In the case of
10. Fake and corrugated pipe material containing impurities, steel density is too small, and the size of the ultra-serious, so in the absence of vernier caliper case, it can be weighed check. For example, for rebar 20, the national standard specifies a maximum negative tolerance of 5% and a single theoretical weight of 120 kg at 9M, and its minimum weight should be: 120 X (l-5%) = 114 kg , Weighing out the actual weight of a single 114 kg smaller, it is counterfeit steel, because it is more than 5% of the negative tolerance. In general, the overall effect of weighing will be better, mainly taking into account the cumulative error and probability theory of this problem. In the case of
11. The size of the inner diameter of the shoddy Seamless Pipe fluctuates greatly, because the l is not stable. 2, the composition of steel is not uniform. 3, due to poor equipment, low ground strength, rolling bounce large. There will be a larger change in the same diameter within the same week, so that the uneven force of steel tend to produce fracture. In the case of
12. High-quality trademarks and printing are more standardized. In the case of
13. Three steel diameter of 16 or more large thread, the gap between the two trademarks are above IM. In the case of
14. The longitudinal reinforcement of the counterfeit steel rebar is often wavy. In the case of
15. Fake and inferior Seamless Pipe manufacturers because there is no traffic, so the packaging is relatively loose. Side oval.