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Several Ways To Remove Galvanized Pipe Rust

Nov 01, 2017

Several ways to remove Galvanized Pipe rust
Galvanized Pipe sometimes because of the production process and manufacturers of technical reasons, the use of a period of time after it is easy to rust, rust will generally lose part of the technical function, the benefits are not the original good, and even worse Will affect the use, or even can not use. Then Galvanized Pipe once the rust stains should be how to clean up? Here we come to introduce you to several common cleaning methods:
One, pickled
General use of chemical and electrolytic two methods for pickling treatment, pipeline corrosion only use chemical pickling, you can remove the oxide, rust, the old coating, and sometimes can be used as a blasting after the re-treatment. Chemical cleaning, although the surface can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness, but the anchor is shallow, and easy to cause pollution to the environment.
Second, spray (throw) shot rust
Spray (throw) to remove rust is driven by high-power motor spray (throw) shot high-speed rotation of the blade, steel sand, steel balls, wire segments, minerals and other abrasives in the centrifugal force on the Galvanized Pipe surface spray (throw) Shot treatment, not only can completely remove the rust, oxides and dirt, and Galvanized Pipe in the abrasive impact and friction under the effect of friction, but also to achieve the required uniform roughness.
Spray (throw) after the rust, not only can expand the physical adsorption of the role of the tube, but also enhance the coating and the pipe surface of the mechanical adhesion. Therefore, the spray (throw) shot rust is the ideal way to rust pipe repair. In general, shot peening (sand) derusting is mainly used for tube surface treatment, shot blasting (sand) derusting is mainly used for pipe surface treatment. The use of spray (throw) shot rust should pay attention to several issues.
Rust level
For Galvanized Pipe commonly used epoxy, vinyl, phenolic and other anti-corrosion coating construction process, the general requirements of Galvanized Pipe surface to near white (Sa2.5). Practice has proved that the use of this rust level can almost get rid of all the scale, rust and other dirt, the depth of the anchor to reach 40 ~ 100μm, and fully meet the coating and Galvanized Pipe adhesion requirements, and spray (throw) The rust-free process can be achieved with lower operating costs and stable and reliable quality to near-white (Sa2.5) technical conditions.
Ministry of Environmental Protection to intensify efforts to rectify the Galvanized Pipe industry, this year for the environment more stringent requirements, heavy fist management began to rise! Continue to strengthen the Galvanized Pipe industry, environmental regulation, punctuation increased, for the Galvanized Pipe industry production Pollutants to be fully standard to discharge, pollutant discharge is not up to the enterprise, according to the law to take a daily punishment, ordered to limit the production or stop production and other measures. Visible to the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the Galvanized Pipe strict enough, the pressure to withstand the enterprise is relatively large!
At present in accordance with the "State Council on the Galvanized Pipe industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve the difficulties of the development of the views of" the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been Galvanized Pipe industry environmental protection special law enforcement inspection series of arrangements are: in 2016 March, the galvanized Tube industry remediation included in the "2016 national environmental monitoring work points"; in 2016 May, the Galvanized Pipe industry will be included in the key industry special law enforcement inspection, requiring all around the year in June 2016 to the Galvanized Pipe business one by one Sort out the investigation.
Ministry of Environmental Protection continue to Galvanized Pipe industry, environmental monitoring and inspection, and strive to find a group to solve a number of exposure of a number of prominent Galvanized Pipe business environment violations.