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Seamless Pipe Will Become Environmentally Friendly Pressure

Jun 13, 2017

Seamless Pipe will become environmentally friendly pressure
 Seamless pipe plant facing the elimination of backward production capacity, emissions, waste water emissions and fixed waste emissions and other aspects of environmental protection pressure is growing. Environmental protection does increase the cost of seamless pipe plant, but in the long run, through environmental compliance, through the seamless price means to promote backward production capacity eliminated, just to force the industry to speed up structural adjustment, Seamless Pipe plant to speed up the transformation and upgrading This will ultimately lead to sustainable development.

Accelerate the reorganization of Seamless Pipe plant, help to improve the concentration of seamless pipe industry, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. But people cheered apart, to understand that corporate restructuring is not a seamless industry, panacea, industrial development, there are many problems to be solved.

We want to get richer material, want to play in the blue sky, white clouds, but also need minutes to breathe clean fresh air. However, in the national economic system occupies an important position in the black industry chain seems difficult to tear up the "high pollution, high energy consumption, high cost, low efficiency" (three high and one low) label, in the environmental pressure increased day by day "blue Color dilemma ".

This is the ecological portrayal of the status quo of China's seamless pipe industry. Seamless pipe prices in the doldrums, steelmaking costs difficult to control, seamless pipe plant to increase the pressure, Seamless Pipe plant has Baotuan heating needs. The state called for rectification industry, put forward the total control, eliminate backward. In this context, "China's first steel giants," the title constantly in Baosteel, Shandong Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel between the replacement, China's Seamless Pipe restructuring gradually climax.

As China's economy into the "new normal", 2015 will be stable growth structure of the important year. We need to jump out of the "low efficiency of enterprises - lack of funds - to maintain the backward mode of production - three high and one low" death cycle, update the development of ideas, change the pressure for the development of environmental protection, speed up the transformation and upgrading, not only pay off the " Old account ", while achieving the new normal economic development.

The government on China's Seamless Pipe plant restructuring hope is very heavy, in March this year, the Government introduced the "iron and steel industry restructuring and revitalization plan", the Seamless Pipe plant restructuring as a top priority, hoping to achieve seamless steel industry by the big change Strong. The recent efforts to accelerate the "iron and steel merger and reorganization Ordinance", we can see the Government's concern about the matter.

It is foreseeable that some of their own poor management, environmental protection is not compliance of the Seamless Pipe plant will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, only competitive and environmentally friendly compliance pipe factory to stay. In this process, enterprises to become passive and actively accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and further strengthen the energy-saving emission reduction technology upgrades and promote the use of.

China's seamless factory restructuring can be described as happy again and again, the new Tang Gang leap for China's largest Seamless Pipe production company, and renamed Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.. Within a month, Hebei seamless pipe, Shandong Iron and Steel two production capacity of 30 million tons of seamless steel giant turned out, and Bao Wu saddle shoulder to shoulder, domestic Seamless Pipe factory competition pattern suddenly changed.

To the seamless industry, for example, the new environmental law, seamless pipe industrial pollutant discharge of the new standard implementation, apparently increased the seamless pipe plant environmental pressure, but a lot of competitive seamless pipe plant to further strengthen the sintering Desulfurization, "three dry three use", energy control center as the representative of the energy-saving emission reduction technology to upgrade and promote the use of a comprehensive, but to stand out. Such as Hebei Iron and Steel Group Tang steel companies adhere to the "environment is the lifeline" concept, its emissions, waste water, noise and other emission indicators to achieve world-class, completely subvert the traditional seamless factory "gray head" image. In addition, Shougang through the relocation of the industry to achieve the upgrading and transformation, so that the "internal waste-free emissions, all recycling", "reborn" for the most modern Seamless Pipe factory. (Tianjin Haicheng Huajun Trade Co., Ltd.)