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Seamless Pipe Often Burst What Causes

Nov 01, 2017

Seamless Pipe often burst what causes
Seamless Pipes are known for their wall thickness, and sometimes they are widely used in construction and some pipeline industries. The process of making Seamless Pipes is complicated. But recently there are customers like we reflect the seamless tube often burst phenomenon, then what is the reason? Here we take a look at the common:
1 seamless steel pipe hot rolling position were from the steel head 38,118m, mainly in the middle of the strip.
2 It is presumed that the gap starts at the middle of the width of the strip due to the large pore morphology of the crack, which is caused by the rolling force and the shearing force in the rolling process to form the macroscopic macropore morphology.
3 seamless steel pipe steel in the cold rolling production process fracture zone fracture surface smooth, no obvious before and after the fracture surface defects.
4, the microstructure of the fracture is observed, showing the typical ductile ductile fracture morphology, while the fracture showed a layered, the central dimple larger, near the surface of the dimple narrowed, the cracks appear to the central fracture-based divergence expansion The fracture morphology and the depth of the fracture at the center are deep, and it is presumed that the stratified topography is closely related to the central segregation.
Seamless tube burst can not be ignored, should cause everyone's attention! Should be identified, the dialectical measures taken.
Seamless tube in recent years in the application of the pipeline is very large, it can be said to have a huge application. In the pipeline application due to a large number of transport of some relatively high viscosity of the liquid, so its unique wear resistance is reflected, then the wear resistance of Seamless Pipe What are the characteristics of it?
1. High wear resistance:
Seamless wear-resistant layer thickness of 3-12 mm, wear-resistant layer hardness can reach HRC58-62, wear resistance is 15-20 times more than ordinary steel, low-alloy steel plate performance is more than 5-10 times, is high chromium cast iron Wear resistance of more than 2-5 times, wear resistance is much higher than spray welding and thermal spraying and other methods.
2. Better impact performance:
Seamless tube is a double metal structure, wear-resistant layer and the substrate is a combination of metallurgy, combined with high strength, can be absorbed in the process of absorbing energy, wear-resistant layer will not fall off, can be applied to the vibration, the impact of strong Of the working conditions, this is the casting wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials are less than.
3. Very good temperature performance:
Seamless tube alloy carbide at high temperature has a strong stability, wear-resistant steel plate can be used at 500 ℃, other special requirements can be customized production, to meet the conditions within 1200 ℃; ceramic, polyurethane, high Molecular materials such as paste the way to wear materials can not meet such a high temperature requirements.
4. Very good connection performance:
Seamless Pipe is a common Q235 steel plate, to ensure that wear-resistant steel plate with toughness and plasticity, to provide resistance to external strength, can be welded, plug welding, bolt connection and other means and other structures to contact, , More connections than other materials;
5. Very good choice of performance:
Seamless tube selection of different thickness of the substrate, surfacing different layers and thickness of the alloy wear layer, you can get different thickness and different uses of steel, the maximum thickness of up to 30 mm or more;
6. Very good processing performance:
Seamless Pipe can be processed into different sizes according to the requirements, can be processed, cold forming, welding, bending, etc., easy to use; can be on-site welding welding, maintenance and replacement work becomes time-saving, convenient, greatly reduce the work intensity.
7. Very good price ratio:
Seamless Pipe prices than ordinary materials have improved, but taking into account the product life, considering the maintenance costs, spare parts costs and downtime, the performance and price ratio is much higher than ordinary steel and other materials.