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Seamless Pipe Market To Grasp The Timing Of The Stage Can Not Be Lust

Aug 16, 2017

Seamless Pipe market to grasp the timing of the stage can not be lust
Time finally came to the final day before the National Day holiday. We always do so, less than the final moment, always refused to trust the practice, that will show a miracle, but today, in September 2014, steel market all lose the results should be able to speak out loud. Waiting for a month after the price of Seamless Pipe still no rebound after the warning, the last day before the holiday, most businesses have been unintentional operation, ups and downs are inadvertently.
In the previous sharp drop in the price of Seamless Pipe, the market market has long been exhausted; especially for the impact of repeated failures, futures in the recent series of successive drop or even limit, making the business outlook on the market outlook is also down the bottom. The upcoming October, the beginning of the fourth quarter, the financial pressure of various industries will be reduced, Seamless Pipe market is also true, businesses on the need for automatic price cuts will weaken, will give the market to build a relatively stable trading environment. Third, the spot market in the continued oversold, especially under the price upside down, businesses continue to automatically from the loss of the corner of the operation will be weakened, the last Seamless Pipe retrograde price rebound and failed to release business psychology Pressure, it is estimated that in October after the slack will also usher in an automatic burst. The above three points, will be on the Seamless Pipe operation of the market to bring some positive factors; but if there is no need to follow up, this rebound is also difficult to significantly change the market all the weak format.
In short, after the National Day Seamless Pipe market supply and demand to improve the possibility of contradiction is not, and the passive reconstruction of social stock will not lead the market better, but will affect the bad, cost and capital expectations or better but still embarrassing ; The impact of major events may be short time to stir the steel market, but the overall weakness is still not change, prompting the market to grasp the timing of the stage, not lust.
With the billet prices higher than last week after the fall, this week, whether it is on the market or the macro negative gains are increased. In the positive and bearish short of the contest, the rapid bear the upper hand, has been strong Seamless Pipe prices, in a few days ago there is a callback phenomenon, rally precarious.
Although the latest round of steel prices on the market price of steel have a certain supporting role. However, careful observation can be seen, after the increase in the ex-factory price and market conditions, although greatly reduced the gap, however, but also the difference between the number of the majority is comparable. To this end, Shagang and other steel mills once again raised the ex-factory price to the actual effect of the market price than imagined to be greatly reduced. Or more is just one of the most insurance operations, so that the price of building materials through the end of the "curse".
In fact, the most tangible market is the shackles of capital. Every late in the month, the steel trade also Ye Hao, steel worth mentioning, even the procurement side are in the "calculation" how to return the funds, how to make the next month, smooth flow of funds. This is not the industry characteristics, but the whole industry chain and even the entire credit industry to be a difficult problem to be solved. This problem is not resolved, the steel industry is difficult to easily battle on the 1st, it is difficult to revive the former glory.
As a result, the multiple bearish short-term cover up the good pull or the driving force, Seamless Pipe market temporarily for the capital, adjust the Seamless Pipe bottom of the main price of Seamless Pipe. Market operation accompanied by the city is still acceptable, to maintain a good calm state of mind.
Seamless Pipe steel pipe continued to fall before the trend, and then a new low; show funds on the late steel market is also more bearish mainly; with sand steel and other dry steel mills in early October ex-factory price again sharply reduced 100 yuan / ton , Steel mills once again take the lead in reducing the price of Seamless Pipe, the market can run alone; therefore, even if the National Day holiday for the mortgage policy to relax and so good, still failed to save the market desperate determination, the steel market in the traditional sale season "silver Ten "to open the door with red, but slightly dim, it indicates that it is difficult to sustain.