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Seamless Pipe Market On The Way To Rise The More The Farther

Nov 30, 2016

The trend of market in China seamless pipe used in varieties of steel in the personal independence of conduct. While seemingly seamless market began to force since October this year, the rally has a sense of control, rise time and continuity is unmatched by other varieties of steel, first on a chart come to see:

 in September 23rd (here is important to remember the date of seamless pipe market trend turning point), tube factory to increase prices of seamless pipe, since a get out of hand, the market with the heel up. Shanghai, Wuxi, Tianjin, Cangzhou and other mainstream regions offer seamless market also rushed up to CNY4200-4300, the cumulative increase in CNY900-950.

Since September 23rd, the State Environmental Protection Group stationed in Shandong Province, to focus on environmental supervision of medium frequency furnace steel mills, and the local environmental protection procedures, environmental indicators and related equipment to carry out strict review. Many steel factory production affected. With tube shortage, lead to market a serious shortage.

Then, the haze hit areas of North China, Hebei, Henan and other steel again when one of the first by limiting the production of news, which the government was issued in Tangshan area all blast furnace stew furnace instructions, really let the steel city set off a wave of high tide. The environmental factors in the seamless pipe market prices rose in large seamless. Pipe market rising, for the next one or two months of winter storage also foresight..