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Seamless Pipe In The Daily Maintenance To Pay Attention To What The Problem

Oct 10, 2017

It is understood that the characteristics of Seamless Pipe is very good, is currently widely used in the construction, chemical, production and other fields, from the reasons for the analysis, mainly the material made of the pipe life than other pipe length, Usually in the maintenance, to pay attention to what problems and details?
In general, regular maintenance of the Seamless Pipe material in order to ensure that it has a good performance, extend the service life. The purpose of the maintenance of the material is to rust, to rust the steps, first of all, should choose to use a special solution, cleaning the surface of the pipe, the pipe surface to remove the magazine. At the same time, you can also use some wire brush to rust. Finally, the above methods can not be resolved, you can choose pickling to rust. Eventually achieve the ultimate effect of rust.
Above the usual maintenance of Seamless Pipe method was introduced to facilitate your future in the use of its rust. If the above methods can not be resolved, you can consult the industry or friends around the way to solve the problem of corrosion of the material.
First of all, for the Seamless Pipe if the higher the hardness of that, it contains the carbon contained in its composition elements are higher. But at the same time there is less plasticity, and there is no toughness. So that the seamless tube of carbon as one of the elements of its impact is not the higher the better.
Followed by sulfur, sulfur can be said that the steel products are harmful impurities. If the composition of such elements in steel products too much, then it will become very fragile.
There is to say that is one of the elements of phosphorus. In the excellent product for the amount of phosphorus ingredients to be strictly controlled. Because if the low carbon steel products if there are too many phosphorus elements, then it is very easy to cut. Although the above content is about both good and bad side, but we are worried, because we have tungsten elements to help improve the wear resistance of the product, and the presence of chromium can help improve the strength of steel products, and But also can improve the ability of products to resist oxidation Oh.
In the understanding of the Seamless Pipe for people above, seamless tubes are mainly divided into two categories. In this one, the cold seamless tube is a long time ago was banned use. Therefore, in the use of the situation, mainly with a hot seamless tube to play a role. It is precisely because of the rapid rise of construction and industry and other industries, so in this case, the use of Seamless Pipe is sought after by people.
First of all, in the seamless tube in the galvanized area is mainly to increase the service life of steel pipe, which can be a good protection of steel pipe. In another case, such galvanizing technology has also played a crucial role in the development of seamless tubes. We understand the use of Seamless Pipe when the main thing is to understand the main performance of the product has the market what kind of benefits.
In the use of Seamless Pipe is mainly to the user as a series of products such as drainage pipes, which depends mainly on its superior product performance, in which the corrosion resistance has played a role can not be ignored, so as to be The manufacturers and users of all ages.
Seamless Pipe connection can be roughly divided into three, the first is the use of welding, which is the most common way to connect iron products, but also the most commonly used when connecting the pipeline one way, although this connection The way is time-consuming and laborious, but the overall connection results, this connection to achieve the quality level is the best, and after welding is not prone to other problems. The second kind of chuck groove connection method, and this connection is now used more frequently, Seamless Pipe and its benefits is easy to construction, and can save working hours, saving time and effort should be it is a popular reason, but , This connection is easy to lead to quality problems, that is, when using this connection, we must do a good job of remedial psychological preparation. The third way is the flange connection, this approach is not common, we do not understand the depth. In fact, this connection is generally used to connect the valve place.