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Seamless Pipe Fittings Life

Nov 01, 2017

Seamless Pipe Fittings life
The use of precision hydraulic seamless Pipe Fittings when the user is recommended to do after the bending of the Pipe Fittings, such as sponge with compressed air through the way of cleaning, of course, the normal operation of the hydraulic system before the system is also a necessary pre-cleaning steps.
Hydraulic Pipe Fittings used in the main Pipe Fittings for the stainless steel seamless Pipe Fittings and ordinary seamless Pipe Fittings, stainless steel seamless Pipe Fittings although has excellent mechanical properties, but because of the high price, low precision, can not be widely used. The ordinary seamless Pipe Fittings although the use of universal, but its poor mechanical properties, low precision, before use usually through a series of welding, test equipment, pickling, caustic washing, washing, prolonged oil, leak test, process Complex, time-consuming, unreliable material, and has not been able to completely remove the tube residue, as the entire hydraulic system failure at any time a major risk. According to statistics, 70% of the hydraulic system failure is caused by this reason.
The reliability and service life of the engineering machinery are closely related to the pollution situation of the hydraulic precision Pipe Fittings system.According to the statistics at home and abroad, the fault of the hydraulic precision Pipe Fittings system of the construction machinery is about 70% due to the pollution of the hydraulic system, Which caused by the solid particles of pollutants caused by hydraulic system failure accounted for 60% of the total pollution ~ ~ 70%.
The pollution of the hydraulic system directly affects the work of the entire hydraulic precision Pipe Fittings system.The hydraulic system is currently facing the need to overcome the problem is how to effectively reduce and control the system pollution to ensure that a variety of hydraulic precision fittings and the overall system reliability And the service life.Therefore, reasonable analysis and effective control of hydraulic system pollution is to ensure that the hydraulic machinery hydraulic Pipe Fittings system to work properly and extend the life of the key.
In many areas which need to use thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, which also makes today's thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings market is very hot, but also to many unscrupulous businesses, have more opportunities to deceive consumers. They will use some poor material to produce thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, and then used to deceive consumers.
Such a poor quality thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, when used there will be a lot of security risks. So, when we buy thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, how to go to the quality of thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings to identify, to avoid the purchase of poor quality thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings it?
In fact, this problem is very simple, as long as the thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings has some understanding of people, will be very good to distinguish the quality of thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings. First of all, high-quality thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, the incision will be very uniform, and the cut surface is very smooth. And some poor quality thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings, because the material is relatively poor, the incision will not be uniform, there will be uneven phenomenon.
Different specifications of the thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings is able to use in different areas, the most commonly used areas, that is, in the construction works. We often see the scaffolding in the construction site, that is, by the thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings structures. Because the thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings itself is very high strength, and pressure capacity is very strong.
Therefore, with a thick-walled seamless Pipe Fittings structures to build scaffolding, fully able to ensure the safety of construction workers. However, we are still in many cases, still able to hear the construction site above, there has been a news of security incidents. Among them, a lot of security incidents, because the scaffolding is not strong enough to happen.