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Seamless Pipe Demand Growth Will Be Declining Trend Into A Stable Period Of Development

Jun 28, 2017

Seamless Pipe demand growth will be declining trend into a stable period of development
"Eleventh Five-Year" period is China's Seamless Pipe industrial development of the fastest, energy-saving emission reduction achieved remarkable five years, Seamless Pipe pipe industry to effectively meet the economic and social development needs. But at the same time, the industry development of resources, environmental and other constraints gradually increased, structural contradictions are still prominent.

Support the steady and rapid development of the national economy. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's thick-walled Seamless Pipe tube production increased from 350 million tons to 630 million tons, an average annual increase of 12.2%. Large diameter Seamless Pipe tube domestic market share increased from 92% to 97%. In 2010, the Seamless Pipe industrial output value of 7 trillion yuan, accounting for 10% of the national industrial output value; total assets of 6.2 trillion yuan, accounting for industrial enterprises above designated size 10.4% of the total value of construction, machinery, Automobile, home appliances, shipbuilding and other industries as well as the rapid development of the national economy provides an important raw material protection. Variety of quality improved significantly. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's Seamless Pipe product structure to further optimize the large diameter Seamless Pipe tube varieties, product quality continues to improve, most varieties of self-sufficiency rate of 100%. Key large-diameter Seamless Pipe pipe varieties of development made great progress, high-strength construction steel, seismic construction with high-strength rebar, spacecraft with alloy materials, high-performance pipeline steel, large hydropower station steel, high magnetic induction silicon steel, high-speed railway rail High-performance Seamless Pipe pipe material strong support for the development of related fields to protect the Beijing Olympic Games venues, the Shanghai World Expo venues, post-disaster reconstruction, manned space, lunar exploration and other major national projects and the West-East, the Three Gorges Project, High-speed rail and other key national projects of the smooth implementation. Technical and equipment level increased significantly. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the key statistics of Seamless Pipe pipe business 1000 cubic meters and above the proportion of blast furnace production capacity increased from 48.3% to 60.9%, 100 tons and above steel-making converter production capacity increased from 44.9% to 56.7 %, Most enterprises have been equipped with hot metal pretreatment, molten steel secondary refining facilities, refining ratio to 70%. Rolling mill system to achieve full rolling, long-term shortage of hot rolling, cold strip rolling mill by 26 sets and 16 sets increased to 72 sets and 50 sets.
Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang Jingtang, Maanshan Iron and Steel, TISCO, Shagang, Xingcheng Special Steel, East Dalian base and other large Seamless Pipe pipe technology and equipment to the international advanced level. Energy-saving emission reduction effect is remarkable. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a total out of 92.72 million tons of backward production capacity of iron and steel, steel production capacity of 72.24 million tons, blast furnace stove pressure power generation, gas recovery and regenerative combustion and other energy-saving emission reduction technology has been widely used, Enterprises to establish an energy management center, to promote the Seamless Pipe industrial energy-saving emission reduction. In 2010, the key statistics of Seamless Pipe energy-saving enterprises to improve the overall energy-saving emission reduction indicators, tons of steel integrated energy consumption fell to 605 kilograms of standard coal, consumption of fresh water 4.1 cubic meters, sulfur dioxide emissions 1.63 kg, compared with 2005 decreased 12.8%, 52.3% and 42.4% respectively. The comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste increased from 90% to 94%.

Joint reorganization accelerated. The reorganization of trans-regional advancement, Baosteel reorganization of Xinjiang Bayi Seamless Pipe pipe, Shaoguan and Ningbo Seamless Pipe pipe, Wuhan Iron and Steel reorganization of E steel, Liu Gang and Kunming Iron and Steel shares, Anshan Iron and Steel joint reorganization Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Shougang reorganization of water, , Guiyang Seamless Pipe tube and Tonghua Seamless Pipe tube, sand steel reorganization Henan Yonggang, Valin Seamless Pipe tube reorganization of Wuxi steel mills and other basic completion. Regional joint reorganization made new progress, have set up the Hebei Seamless Pipe pipe group, Shandong Seamless Pipe tube group, the Bohai Seamless Pipe pipe group, the new Wu'an Seamless Pipe Group, Hebei Seamless Pipe tube group also explore the gradual merger of the way to reorganize the equity 12 in the region Seamless Pipe pipe business. Layout optimization. Built Caofeidian, Bayuquan, Ningbo and other modern coastal Seamless Pipe tube base, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shagang, Maanshan Iron and Steel and other steel along the influence of further enhanced. Baosteel Zhanjiang and Wuhan Iron and Steel Fangchenggang coastal Seamless Pipe steel boutique base has been completed preparatory, Shougang, heavy steel, Dalian steel mills and other steel mills relocation project basically completed. To the domestic resources-oriented Seamless Pipe pipe industrial layout gradually to the international and domestic resources simultaneously and close to the market's strategic layout changes. Two levels of integration continue to improve. Seamless Pipe industry and industrialization of information technology to promote each other, deepening the degree of integration. Seamless Pipe pipe enterprises in the process equipment, process optimization, business management, marketing and energy conservation and other aspects of the level of information technology has increased significantly, and accelerate the transformation to the integrated application.