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Seamless Boiler Tube

Feb 27, 2017

Seamless boiler tube means open at both ends and having a hollow cross section,its length and the relatively large perimeter of the steel.Its specifications with external dimensions(such as outside diameter or side length)and wall thickness,said its wide range of sizes,from diameter capillary until a few meters in diameter large diameter pipe.Steel can be used for pipes,thermal equipment,industrial machinery,petroleum geology exploration,container,chemical industry and special purpose.

Manufacturing methods of seamless boiler tubes

1.geberal boiler tubes using temperature below 350℃,homemade pipe is mainly used on 10th,the 20th carbon steel hot-rolled or cold drawn pipe tube manufacturing.

2.high-pressure boiler tubes often in high temperature and high pressure conditions when using the tube under the effect of high temperature gas water vapor,oxidation and corrosion will occur.Require durable steel with high strength,high resistance to oxidation corrosion,and have good organizational stability.