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Quality Inspection Of Seamless Steel Pipe

Oct 26, 2016

1 seamless steel tube chemical composition analysis

Instrumental analysis and chemical analysis can be used. Samples for chemical analysis of melting samples, ingot test drilling, seamless steel pipe specimen. Melting samples by instrumental analysis, seamless steel pipe production by chemical analysis and the analysis of the sample.

Chemical analysis instruments are commonly used: direct-reading spectrometers, infrared carbon and sulfur Analyzer, x-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

2 seamless steel tube size and shape detection

Check include: wall thickness, diameter, length, curvature and ovality, port, slope and obtuse angle and shaped seamless steel tube cross section shape.

3 seamless steel pipe surface inspection

Artificial Visual inspection and non-destructive testing inspection. There are many methods of nondestructive testing, such as ultrasonic testing, Eddy current testing, magnetic particle testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, electromagnetic ultrasonic and penetrant. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Suitable for testing seamless steel pipe surface or near-surface: Eddy current, magnetic particle testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, penetration testing. Penetrant testing is limited to inspection of steel surface-breaking defects in magnetic particle testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, Eddy current is limited to examination of ferromagnetic. Eddy point defects sensitive to other testing on crack sensitivity. Ultrasonic testing of seamless steel pipe surface inspections more quickly, there is some qualitative analysis of seamless steel tube internal difficulties, and ultrasonic inspection of seamless steel pipe shape and grain size restrictions.

4 seamless steel tube chemical properties Testing

Mechanics performance under ambient temperature or the temperature experiment (tensile test, toughness test, hardness test), the hydraulic pressure test and test (intergranular corrosion test, hydrogen cracking resistance test-HIC, sulfide stress cracking resistance test-SSCC).

5 seamless steel pipe properties

Including compressed test, ring-pull test, expanding and crimping test, bending test.

6 seamless steel pipe metallurgical analysis

Includes low and high power checks.

7 special seamless steel pipe for oil screw thread parameter detection

Pattern detection, including collar thread of steel seamless pipe and tube couplings tightened after testing