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Pipe Fittings Material Raw Materials Market Will Continue To Be Weak

Sep 07, 2017

Pipe Fittings material raw materials market will continue to be weak
1, storage of Pipe Fittings products, the site or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, clean place, away from the production of harmful gases or dust of the factory. On the ground to remove the weeds and all the debris, keep the steel clean.
2, in the warehouse can not be with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials on the erosion of the steel together. Different varieties of steel should be stacked separately, to prevent confusion, to prevent contact corrosion.
3, large steel, rail, humiliation plate, large diameter Pipe Fittings fittings, forgings, etc. can be open piled up.
4, small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, steel, medium diameter Pipe Fittings fittings, wire and wire rope, etc., can be stored in a well-ventilated shed, but must be under the pad.
5, some small steel, thin steel, steel, silicon steel, small diameter or thin-walled Pipe Fittings fittings, all kinds of cold-rolled, cold-drawn steel and high prices, corrosion-resistant metal products can be stored in the library.
6, the Treasury should be selected according to geographical conditions, the general use of ordinary closed warehouse, that is, a roof with walls, doors and windows tight, with a ventilation device warehouse.
7, the Treasury request sunny day attention to ventilation, rain pay attention to close the moisture, often keep the appropriate storage environment.
From the beginning of this year, you can find the trend of Pipe Fittings this year, the basic convergence. The capesize ship is the main ship of the Pipe Fittings. This actually shows that the continued decline in the Pipe Fittings iron ore market is the leading cause of the decline in the index. Since the beginning of this year, Pipe Fittings iron ore prices have fallen sharply by 43%. Among them, the Pipe Fittings iron ore market oversupply is the main reason, and China's economic slowdown and transformation and upgrading led to iron ore, including Pipe Fittings fittings, including a substantial decline in demand for commodities. China Customs data show that in October China's imports of iron ore 79.39 million tons of iron, compared with September to reduce 5.3 million tons. The first 10 months, China's imports of iron ore 780 million tons, an increase of 16.5%; import price of 646.9 yuan per ton, down 19.8%. As of November 28, China's port inventory of 103 million tons, still maintained at more than 100 million tons of high.
On the whole, in the global economic expectations are not optimistic and the main product traffic did not significantly rebound in the case, the Pipe Fittings index in the short term can not be a substantial rebound. And as a commodity commodity price indicators, low operation not only indicates the Pipe Fittings iron ore market downturn, but also shows the entire commodity market continued weak trend. It is predicted that the price of Pipe Fittings fittings, including Pipe Fittings iron ore and coal, will remain low for a certain period of time.
At the same time, competition between Pipe Fittings iron ore suppliers has spread to the shipping sector, leading to BDI continued to decline. In September this year, China COSCO, China Merchants ships and other Vessels and Vale signed a long-term COA (charter contract contract) strategic agreement, 400,000 tons of the ship put into use to the capesize spot market to bring greater pressure. In addition, China has recently resumed import tariffs on coal, which is expected to have an impact on coal imports, which makes the shipping market cool for future optimism.
The past two years, the Pipe Fittings industry experienced a sharp drop in raw material prices, and demand dropped, the Pipe Fittings industry chain inventory is low. Industrial chain inventory from the original "steel trade office" transferred to the "Pipe Fittings factory", which makes the Pipe Fittings factory funds more tense. Once the Pipe Fittings factory inventory rose, the price drop has become the first choice for Pipe Fittings factory. Therefore, in the raw material prices continue to bearish in 2015, the tube factory will not rush to expand the inventory, inventory management is the most important management of Pipe Fittings fittings.