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Pipe Fittings Market, The Elimination Of Backward Production Capacity, Clean The Exhaust Has Been Persistent

Aug 29, 2017

Pipe Fittings market, the elimination of backward production capacity, clean the exhaust has been persistent
Pipe Fittings factory for the steel market, if only a simple elimination of backward production capacity to crack down on the crisis, then why experienced a few years in the process, the production capacity is still more and more in the more boring circle, it is because of efficient wear, There are a series of very complex problems behind the elimination of backward production capacity, which have largely affected China's governance results. In fact, production capacity can be divided into two kinds of vulnerable Pipe Fittings, one is zombie production Pipe Fittings fittings, that is not to continue production capacity of the two ends, there is a real capacity. At this stage, most of China is eliminated from the zombie capacity, because the real estate is out of the real involvement is too much too much of the root causes, the relationship is also very complex, and out of zombie production capacity is only including local governments and other vested interests of a group Kind of "coping" approach. So from this point of view of the Pipe Fittings, such a phase out, out of only die production capacity of the Pipe Fittings, almost no impact on production, supply and demand is difficult to ease. So that can only be good long-term, boost the psychological, short-term is not a substantive role.
 There are still many problems in the implementation of the shareholders of the return, limited to see the era of popular laws in China, the implementation of the regional government is what kind of it? If you can pass the ruthless hand, directly take the sewage unqualified Run steel mills, control the actual production of resource development, then the steel market will soon be good supply and demand. However, there are many problems to be considered in practice. For example, a large part of the government's tax revenue is obtained from the steel mills, and if some steel Pipe Fittings fittings are shut down, there will be problems of reemployment of laid-off workers. Even at this stage the regional government began to rush technical support Pipe Fittings, but who can know whether it can persist for a long time. If you just look at the growth rate slowdown, stop doing what way down the channel, after the resurgence, in fact, only in the response has been a major omission, and can not really solve the problem of reducing production.
  Pipe Fittings factory to tell you down after the transaction to improve the price trend, the second half of the Pipe Fittings offer a slight rebound. The overall bearish more or less, compared to the same period last week compared to domestic demand, North China-led steel mills and East China, South China businessmen accumulated 10-30 yuan. With the increase in the downstream start, there is a certain stage to support the increase in production support, short-term or will support the offer up. Consider the recent large overall inventory of the port, centralized shipping pressure, the second half of the week or will return to the downstream channel is expected next week before the high and low operation. According to the recent statistics, in recent months, China's Pipe Fittings production rebounded weak rebound, but since entering in March, China fell sharply Pipe Fittings, steel production enthusiasm frustrated, some areas of major steel blast furnace There are maintenance or similar plans to build a joint venture, the time generally from early March to the end of March, a large number of blast furnace for a period of 1 month maintenance will make the recent Chinese production under control. From the production of production lines, the building materials production line more maintenance, due to a serious loss of part of the production line or even the production of other varieties, and plate production line in the plate production line has more limited production, hot-rolled and Pipe Fittings fittings Production line still maintain the normal production rhythm. Comprehensive view of economic growth, the overall rate of construction of steel mills in China in March there will be no significant recovery, for the Pipe Fittings prices rebounded have some support.
Pipe Fittings fittings as soon as possible rallies profit appearance, or the upcoming adjustment will be confused Pipe Fittings factory sources pointed out that the China Iron and Steel Association statistics, by the end of March 2013, the focus of iron and steel enterprises within the inventory fell to 15420000 tons, ; Last week, at the same time Pipe Fittings fittings, China's steel spot market inventory decline rate also increased significantly; with the upstream steel production enthusiasm continues to decline, downstream demand is expected to accelerate, and later supply and China's steel market demand between the contradictions Domestic pressure is expected to continue to ease.