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Iran: Steel Production Capacity Plan, 2025 Years Ago To 55 Million Tonnes A Year

Nov 25, 2016

According to the ministry of commerce web information

According to Iran news television channel PressTV also on November 13, Tehran, Iran chamber of commerce members, Mr Sitar, said past each calendar year, foreign investment in Iraq, on average around $2 billion, but this year is expected to reach $100 to $12 billion, the premise is this year on March 21, after signing the contract can be achieved.

According to the report, the United Nations conference on trade and development, according to data, Iran in 2014 and 2015, attract foreign capital of $2.05 billion and $2.1 billion respectively.Us and European sanctions, banning foreign companies to invest in the country, particularly oil and gas industry, and oil and gas is seen as a lifeline industry in Iran.

Muhammad said, due to the big European Banks are still cannot handle trade deals on Iraq, Iran currently only l/c small project is less than 50 million euros.

Another Tehran chamber of commerce members, Barbara said that European companies in Iran are very interested in the iron and steel industry.More and more European companies and local partners to discuss Iran to buy Iranian steel or iron and steel company shares.

Iran is the world's fourth largest steel producer, steel production in 24 million tons each year.The plan will increase its steel capacity by 2025 to 55 million tonnes a year.


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