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How To Quickly Identify The Quality Of Pipe Fittings

Jul 26, 2017

How to quickly identify the quality of Pipe Fittings
 Pipe Fittings and other strip is different, consumers want to apply to a good Pipe Fittings to know the quality problem, because only know that the quality of the tube quickly after the use of the time can be assured, so consumers should carefully read the following information The
Fittings are steel made from the surface of some metals, alloys and other materials. This process can achieve good appearance and rust and other properties. Now the most popular is hot galvanizing process. Galvanized strip performance is stable, uniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life.
Buy Shandong galvanized strip steel, the quality is absolutely need us to seriously deal with one thing, how to identify its quality is good or bad, we have to see this tube made when the quality of the material used, the use of processing procedures to meet the requirements, etc. The The amount of galvanized is directly related to its anti-corrosion ability, the amount of galvanized steel can extend the service life of galvanized steel.
In our current living environment, the application of more and more widely, and according to the continuous improvement of living standards of the latest types of Pipe Fittings more and more, we can choose according to their own needs to choose, but regardless of galvanized steel How to change the type, we still use the time to know how to protect the galvanized steel is not oxidized.
Pipe Fittings production, there will be a galvanizing process, in the appearance of a very good aesthetic concept, from the quality of a very good protection. However, a little understanding of the Pipe Fittings industry are aware that any metal in the usual environment will appear moldy, rusty situation, if you want to slow down the moldy mold should be properly stored, usually placed in a ventilated and dry environment, Because the metal encountered in the air of water, more than a period of time there will be rusting the phenomenon of oxidation. So how to solve this problem from the root, it must be from the beginning of the strip coating should be considered. In general, hot-dip galvanized steel products than the electric parts is relatively easy to be oxidized, because the hot-dip galvanizing process is in the strip surface coated with a thick layer of zinc, even if the production of white sun will not affect the normal use The
The tube is not oxidized believe that consumers through the above information has a certain understanding, so that when used in the heart when the use of the quality of the problem, in the use or purchase when there is any problem if you can Directly to our manufacturers here to choose, here must be selected for a product of their own.
Consumers in the use of time to be a good protection of the Pipe Fittings, to know why the mold when the moldy, only know the reasons for moldy after the use of Pipe Fittings can be used to protect the life of more long-term use in the time will not be any problems.
In the presence of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine atmosphere, zinc corrosion resistance is poor, especially in high temperature and humidity containing organic acid atmosphere, the zinc coating can easily be corroded. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V. For the steel matrix, the zinc coating belongs to the anode coating, which is mainly used to prevent the corrosion of steel. The protective performance is related to the thickness of the coating. Zinc coating by passivation treatment, dyeing or coating protective agent, can significantly improve its protective and decorative. Zinc will oxidize in the air, the surface of the formation of white rust, this situation is normal. But also depends on your strip is hot galvanized or galvanized, if hot galvanized because the zinc layer is relatively thick, the formation of white rust does not affect the normal warranty, because the oxidation of zinc in the air is very slow. If the galvanized, then it is not easy to say. Galvanized strip surface should be treated, galvanized steel surface is not clean, in a certain environment, the surface will be oxidized. Zinc will oxidize in the air, the surface of the formation of white rust, this situation is very common and normal.