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How To Prevent Galvanized Pipe Connection In The Easy Problems

Aug 08, 2017

How to prevent Galvanized Pipe connection in the easy problems
When using Galvanized Pipe, it is necessary to use welding to connect. In order to ensure good sealing, need to have some problems to pay attention.
When the Galvanized Pipe is used to weld the Galvanized Pipe, the weld seam will crack easily. This situation can be avoided, the groove will be welded to the weld angle can effectively reduce the reduction of resistance. In addition, you can adjust the steel pipe, try to ensure that the roller and keep it level. Adjust the speed of the groove is the strength to ensure that its molding uniform, slow force. But also to ensure that the support and pressure roller width and model are matched with each other, will not break due to bite. The same time as
In addition, if the Galvanized Pipe docking after the nozzle butt is not tight, it may be due to the nozzle is caused by deformation caused by bump. It is recommended that the pipe head be cut off for a short time before docking. Due to improper operation at the time of welding or because of the mouth of the mouth of the left zinc tumor caused by the trachoma, which can be welded before the zinc tumor shovel shovel to avoid. The problem with the wire connection is that the ferrule and the thread are not fully fit, which must be cut off the part that can not be rejoined.
It is understood that the characteristics of Galvanized Pipe is very good, is currently widely used in the construction, chemical, production and other fields, from the reasons for the analysis, mainly the material made of pipe life than other pipe length, Normal maintenance, to pay attention to what problems and details?
In general, regular maintenance of the Galvanized Pipe material in order to ensure its good performance, extend the service life. The purpose of the maintenance of the material is to rust, to rust the steps, first of all, should choose to use a special solution, cleaning the surface of the pipe, the pipe surface to remove the magazine. At the same time, you can also use some wire brush to rust. Finally, the above methods can not be resolved, you can choose pickling to rust. Eventually achieve the ultimate effect of rust.
Above the usual way to maintain Galvanized Pipe were introduced to facilitate your future in the use of its rust. If the above methods can not be resolved, you can consult the industry or friends around the way to solve the problem of corrosion of the material.
First of all, for the Galvanized Pipe, if the higher the hardness of the said that it contains the carbon content of the elements will be higher. But at the same time the existence of the plasticity is relatively poor, and there is no toughness. So that the carbon in the Galvanized Pipe as one of the elements of its impact is not the higher the better.
Followed by sulfur, sulfur can be said that the steel products are harmful impurities. If the composition of such elements in steel products too much, then it will become very fragile.
There is also to say that one of the elements of phosphorus. In the excellent product for the amount of phosphorus ingredients to be strictly controlled. Because if the low carbon steel products if there are too many phosphorus elements, then it is very easy to cut. Although the above content is about both good and bad side, but we are worried, because we have tungsten elements to help improve the wear resistance of the product, and the presence of chromium can help improve the strength of steel products, and But also can improve the ability of products to resist oxidation Oh.