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How Does The Seamless Pipe Weld At High Temperatures?

Aug 29, 2017

How does the Seamless Pipe weld at high temperatures?
The welding process used in the Seamless Pipe is double-sided submerged arc welding, cold rolling is carried out under the recrystallization temperature of the rolling, and seamless tube is in the recrystallization temperature above the rolling. Seamless Pipe can damage the ingot of the casting organization, refine the grain of steel, and eliminate the defects of microstructure, so that the steel structure is dense, mechanical properties improved. Can also be in the steel pipe after the artificial welding, the general use of the detection method for testing, testing can be qualified after the factory. Unqualified products require re-welding. Seamless Pipe is generally suitable for the delivery of fluid liquid, steel structure support, piling, widely used in petrochemical, construction, water works, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction and so on. The Seamless Pipe is in relation to cold rolling, and this improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, so that the steel is no longer an isotropic body to some extent; bubbles, cracks and loops formed during casting Can be welded under high temperature and pressure.
 And despite today's 355mm series of narrow-band factory price still showed steady trend, the Tangshan area part of the steel mills ex-factory price is still 10-20 yuan decline. The most important thing is to take into account its performance, such as tensile, compression, etc. (because the construction industry in the seamless tube is often used as a structure, so must have a strong ability to compress, Very good to ensure the quality of the building.) Consumers in the purchase should also pay attention to the quality of seamless control. In general, there is no obvious scratches on the surface of the seamless tube. Very flat steel, the quality of processing is good, consumers can choose according to this.
   In the broadband, the electronic performance of a strong red, while hot-rolled coil spot prices are uplift, driven by its Handan area today, led by a slight increase in the price of broadband, 685-735mm specifications rose significantly. The main emphasis is on the seamless after-sales service and the like. Because the purchase of things does not mark the end of consumer activities in the product problems when manufacturers can be a timely solution to the most important. So the choice of steel manufacturers is very important, so to choose a large, in the community more reputable manufacturers.
Seamless Pipe is an indispensable part of the construction industry, so the quality of seamless tube will directly affect the life of the building, how can we make the service life of Seamless Pipe longer? First, the first method is to rust the seamless tube. In the rust to the Seamless Pipe, the main use of wire brush on its surface grinding, this method can effectively remove the seamless tube surface loose or tilt the rust. The second method is to clean the surface of the seamless tube. In the cleaning of the seamless tube, the use of solvents or emulsions on the surface cleaning, to achieve the role of degreasing and dust removal. In addition, the reputation of the manufacturer of Seamless Pipe manufacturers is also very important, but the steel plant response, retail shipments see good. Coupled with billet, small narrowband prices rebounded slightly, is expected to narrow domestic prices tomorrow also stabilized slightly pushed up mainly. On the market side, strip prices in East China continued to fall, with high inventories.
How long is the life of the Seamless Pipe in order to reduce the friction between the seamless tube and the tool surface during extubation in order to reduce tool wear, prolong its service life and reduce energy consumption, thus ensuring the quality of precision seamless tubes Before applying cold lubricant. Seamless Pipe is a seamless tube, its performance is much higher than the average seamless tube, because this steel pipe contains more Cr, its high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance is the performance of other high pressure boiler tube than Not on, so Seamless Pipe in the oil, chemicals, electricity, boilers and other industries more widely used. The chemical composition of steel is related to the quality of steel and the end use of one of the important factors, but also the preparation of steel, and even the final product heat treatment system, the main basis.