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How Do You Store Galvanized Pipe

Jul 06, 2017

How do you store Galvanized Pipe

The application of Galvanized Pipe in modern industrial life is increasing, and the demand of society is constantly improving. Use process will inevitably appear break goods phenomenon, some galvanized pipe manufacturers in order to avoid this problem of a large number of production, by this time you need our manufacturer to store the surplus products. And master some techniques for storing Galvanized Pipe. Although the process of production of the product is treated with galvanization process, after all, it is the time of metal material is long and there will be some small problems.

The thickness of galvanized steel layer will directly affect the anti-corrosion properties of the products and maintain long time stability. Stored in the process of air humidity problems need to consider the storage environment, often for warehouse ventilation, ensure storage environment, avoid sun drying, Galvanized Pipe although in this case will be rusty phenomenon but is concentrated in the surface, are in contact with air oxidation action will not affect the quality of the product; A special partition is to be used in bulk piling, or placed on the shelf.

Galvanized pipe factory is a professional manufacturer of galvanized pipe, guardrail, fence, pipe and galvanized sheet. Different hot galvanized steel has different requirements, and then the galvanizing tube plant discusses the technical requirements of hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

There are many kinds of hot plate zinc plate, Galvanized Pipe and the production standard is different. Among them, DX51D, DX51D, dx51 d, dx51 d, anshan steel st02Z and baosteel DC51D comply with the international standard Q235A specification for production and processing. It is true that the production standard of hot-plate zinc plate is not only this one, but also the international standard 08AL, which is applicable to DX53D masteel, DX53D pantry, DX53D steel, st04Z angang and DC53D baosteel. At the same time, the double layer zinc layer of hot galvanized sheet has different weight, for example, the three-point inspection level of Z120 zinc layer should be greater than or equal to 120 grams per square meter. The three-point level of Z180 zinc layer should not be less than 180 grams per square meter. Galvanized Pipe We use two kinds of steel to process hot galvanized plates, which are dx51 d + Z and DX53D + Z.

Hot galvanizing tube along with the progress of the advancement market of science and technology, play a big role, do you know what effect hot galvanizing tube has? Let's take a look at it in detail. Details are as follows:

First, galvanized pipe can be used on some protection for furniture and fixed, also is very useful, because every household is a need to furniture, fixed furniture, so the best option is to use this product. This product can help you to stabilize the furniture to a great extent.

Second, the use of Galvanized Pipe can be used as a consumer's general civilian tool, for example, to strengthen the door panel or to strengthen kitchen utensils. These USES are very practical and useful relative to the consumer, and can be used to help you in your life.

Third, if the consumer is mainly engaged in some kind of bicycle industry, then also can use galvanized pipe. Bicycles are commonly need this product, is to be able to in a certain period to maintain the stability of the bicycle, can ensure the safety of life of consumers, the purpose is very important, is also very useful for everyone. If we can make full use of this product, it can bring huge benefits to consumers.