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Environmental Protection Raw Material Tension Seamless Pipe Price Strength

Dec 09, 2016
After nearly three months of rising prices, China seamless pipe market prices are still stable in the partial strong rise slightly Analysis of influencing factors The market price of seamless pipe, pull up, shipping market is good. Overall, the seamless pipe prices continued to pull up is mainly affected by the raw tube prices, rising prices of raw materials will cause the pipe factory production costs increase, so as to drive the seamless pipe market prices. The recent weather gradually cooling down the north, steel production decreased gradually, gradually enter the year ending work with some enterprises, in terms of procurement demand weakened, so the prices continue to rise caused by certain pressure. Outlook The market has entered the consumer off-season, late demand rapidly shrinking, once the relationship between supply and demand reached a weak equilibrium condition, fear is the environmental impact, but continues to support the formation of seamless pipe, seamless pipe prices prices. Expected short-term high stability. Dora yusy@huikepipe.com