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Argentina Anti-dumping Investigation On Steel Pipe Products To China

Dec 16, 2016

In December 7th, the Argentina production department issued a resolution on 429th 2016, decided to pipe from Chinese origin (diameter less than or equal to 406.4 mm, the thickness is less than or equal to 12.7 mm, according to the API5L/ISO3183 standards or similar production for oil or natural gas transportation, welded or seamless stainless steel, except) anti-dumping investigations.

In recent years, international trade protectionism, China has become the anti-dumping investigation. For a target for all steel market, steel exports in recent months in China is not ideal, the basic downward trend, coupled with steel prices this year, a change in the trend, there is a large increase over the same period last year, has had the advantage in price it is gradually narrowed, to increase in the export price, the international acceptance of the poor, so the short-term impact of these two factors, China's steel export pressure is still large.