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Nov 22, 2016

ISO 3183/API5L Line Pipe Standard is one of the most significant international standards in the oil and gas pipeline industry,Nowadays,API 5L the world jointly completed by ISO and American Petroleum Institution.The 44th Edition ISO3187:2007/API Special 5L Line standard has carevision was formally released on February 18.2013.Compared with the prerious edition,ISO 3183:2012/API special 5L line Pipe(45edition)has Appendix M:European onshore Natural Gas Pipeline PSL 2 Steel Pipe order and Appendix P:Threaded and Coupled calculation Formula,Guide Background Besides,in the new edition of API 5L Line Pipe standard,there are few technological changes such as manufacturing processes,The new API 5L Line Pipe standard is more perfect and science after a lot of editorial change and textual representation of adjustment.

API 5L Line Pipe standard has forward specifil requirements on the manufacturing of seamless and weldend steel pipe including two steel pipe line pipe is widely used for petroleum and natural gas industry pipe line transportation systems,but this API 5L Line Pipe criterion is not suitable of product specification level which is the quality level of API 5L Line Pipe.API 5L Line Pipe has two standards which are PSL1 and PSL2,Although difference,the content is very different,PSL2 is a higher quality level than PSL1,Both standard level have different levels of inspecition requirement mechanical properties requirements when marking order follow the API 5L Line Pipe standard the purchased(PSL1 or PSL2)regard of the basic contract terms such as product specification,Steel grades order quantity etc.In general condition,if the contect the manufacturer will produce in accordance with the standard of PSL1.To be more specily the differences are including:

  1. Pipe line Hydro-static Test should be done pipece by piece,and the API 5L Line Pipe standard does not specify to allow non-destructive alternative hydro-static testing.

  2. Impact performance test is necessary for PSL2 standard while PSL1 is not necessary for this type of test.