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Expansion of seamless steel pipe properties

Oct 26, 2016

Swelling properties of seamless casing includes ease of expansion and the expansion of two aspects of performance, and which should be the primary consideration. In order to meet the application requirements, we must first ensure that the mechanical properties of expanded to API 5CT standard grade level of seamless steel casing, but also subject to pressure and corrosion resistance requirements. For example, should for sets loss subsidies Shi, due to expansion seamless steel tube column outside wall has a layer based seamless steel tube casing, so on expansion Hou of bearing pressure requirements not high; should for naked system Shi, casing expansion Hou directly and wall contact, at need high of anti-outside playfully destroyed strength; should for corrosion workers condition serious of environment Xia is priority selection resistance corrosion alloy material of expansion seamless steel tube casing; and, well diameter drilling General should for deep, and super deep or marine job, not only to bear huge forces, and construction environment bad, Ductility requirements better and larger diameter expansion rate, seamless steel tube column after the expansion you need to have high resistance and high toughness, high strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance capabilities. Addition, for both expansion process requirements, makes seamless steel tube tube column easily expansion and avoid expansion process of concentrated deformation damage and wall thick reduction thin volume big, seamless steel tube should has high of wall thick uniform degrees, and uniform of mechanical performance, and no yield platform features of stress-strain curve, and good of strength ductility match, and high of deformation strengthened index (n value), and high of plastic strain than (r value), and low of yield points and limitation index,.