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Classification of seamless steel tube manufacturing equipment

Oct 20, 2017

(1), rolling mill unit is the introduction of China's 80 years after the most advanced capacity of the largest hot-rolled seamless steel pipe unit, a set of units with an annual output of up to 80-100 million tons, but its investment is also very large, in the production The process of replacement of product specifications need to change the number and time of the touch more than other units and long, so it is to adapt to less specifications, mass production of the best units. This unit is best in a group or company has a number of sets, in order to division of production, to achieve a set of units on the production specifications, large quantities, high yield, low consumption, high efficiency, low cost, competitive effect.


The current international advanced high-performance hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production process should be the main process of electric arc furnace or converter smelting → LF furnace refining → VD vacuum treatment → full protection of continuous casting round tube → guide plate (plate) perforation, → set (minus) diameter → heat treatment → pipe processing.


Today's advanced cold-working seamless steel pipe production process should be: round tube heating → perforation (hot rolling) into a wall thickness, shape, surface high-precision barren pipe → 1 to 2 pass cold drawn (or cold rolled) → protection Atmosphere heat treatment → online nondestructive testing.


Now, on the basis of the experience of the introduction of the unit, it is already possible to independently develop and design, manufacture and modernize this advanced steel pipe on the basis of its own development and development on the basis of its own development and development, digestion, transformation and development Production equipment, to achieve the localization of this major equipment.


(2), automatic rolling mill unit is our first new China's seamless steel pipe production units, in addition to two sets (140 and 400mm) is the former Soviet Union reconstruction, all of our own design, manufacture. In the past for quite some time was the main unit of China's seamless steel pipe. But because of its rolling steel pipe is short, need two heating, finished low, so in recent years only a few sets of more than 100mm units after the update and transformation, especially 400mm unit transformation is successful.


But most of the 100mm and less than 100mm units, and some have been changed to other units, such as disc (precision), three-roll pipe unit; some are being considered or have been in the study and explore the transformation program; some have been Semi-shutdown and has been discontinued.


(3), precision and disc rolling mill unit: precision rolling mill unit is the only introduction of software technology, the whole set of rolling mill with the United States joint design, joint manufacturing; disc rolling mill unit is in our own independent development of the Diesel The rolling mill is based on the core technology that absorbs the precision rolling mill and is independently developed and is now widely built in the country. This unit is low investment, high precision, short process, only need a heating, replacement product specifications is simple, time is short, but it is not a high capacity unit, because the steel pipe is not long (longer than the automatic pipe mill), the output is not appropriate Too high (high impact quality), but variety mill.


(4), three-roll mill unit is China's own independent development of one of the earlier rolling mill unit, at the same time has introduced several sets from abroad. Three-roll pipe unit is the middle and thick-walled steel pipe ideal tube unit, low investment, high precision, easy to replace product specifications, short time, but it is difficult to produce thin-walled tube, nor is the high-capacity unit.


(5), the first pipe jacking machine is supplied to China's rolling mill unit, has long been eliminated. In the late 1980s, China designed and manufactured a newer (CPE) pipe jacking unit, and later purchased a second-hand (CPE) pipe jacking unit from abroad. This kind of pipe jacking unit is only suitable for production, thin-walled tube, and its production specifications, variety range is narrow, the tool consumption is high, the finished product rate is low, the competitiveness is not high, on the basis of the existing equipment, (Such as small diameter thin-walled tube), can still (in the small diameter of high efficiency, high-yield rolling mill unit put into operation before) to survive.


(6), the cycle of rolling pipe unit is also the first Hungarian supply of China's rolling mill unit, because of its large deformation, you can directly use steel ingot rolling steel pipe, and rolling thick-walled steel pipe, so it was in China's steel age Has made great contributions, because of its billet to the material into the low rate, the outer surface quality of steel and wall thickness deviation is not ideal, only in the production of large diameter, thick wall, with special requirements of the steel pipe, has certain advantages, a certain market demand The


(7), wool, barracks hot rolling mill with cold drawing, cold rolling production of finished steel pipe production line.